The purpose of the Couples Ministry of Jesus House Chicago is to help build stronger families by bringing refinement and worship into all areas of marriage and to strengthen the relationship of the family units.

The Couples Ministry of Jesus House Chicago exists to help couples build a Godly marriage, remain committed to their marriage vows, grow closer to each other than ever thought possible and develop a life-long friendship with each other. The mission of Couples Ministry is aligned with the overall church mission – Preparing a people to become disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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  • To equip and strengthen marriages by helping couples discover God’s plan for their marriage as well as their unique roles as husband and wife;
  • To help couples have a life-long marriage by encouraging and supporting their marriage relationship;
  • To help couples learn and practice skills that help them communicate effectively and develop a deeper understanding of one another and themselves.
  • To allow couples to explore and enrich their commitment, their values, their ability to handle life’s challenges together, their appreciation for one another, and their practice of spiritual principles that provide a foundation for a strong and rewarding relationship;
  • To create atmosphere for couples to pray together, play together, and let the light of divine love shine more brightly in their relationship;
  • To create an atmosphere that challenges marriages to reach the oneness that God intended;
  • To provide an atmosphere where marriages are enriched, encouraged, celebrated and challenged;
  • To encourage couples to form relationships with peers and mentors;
  • To equip couples to participate in church activities;
  • To help couples build Christ centered marriages that will stand the test of time, and leave a legacy to future generations;
  • To strengthen marriages through biblical principles, increase couples understanding of their roles according to God’s word, and understand the role of family in the church.;
  • To help develop a solid family foundation, bringing families closer to one another and to God.
  • To train couples to be faithful, understanding, expressing, and listening (FUEL).