Sunday School is our adult Bible Study. It facilitates members growth in the grace and knowledge of God through balanced and in-depth study and application of the scriptures. The Class is interactive with opportunities to ask questions. 

TeacherTeamLink Link
Sis Chinwe Amankwahhttps://m.teamlink.co/9643038319
Sis Nike Babawandehttps://m.teamlink.co/7424625412
Sis Augusta Ezehttps://m.teamlink.co/5976033570
Sis Buki Fabusiwahttps://m.teamlink.co/4104179606
Sis Banke Olaojohttps://m.teamlink.co/1885611703
Bro Kunle Akinrohttps://m.teamlink.co/5780481202


Email: rhema@jesushouse.org

Meeting Time: Every Sunday morning between 10:00 and 11:00 am