At Jesus House Chicago, Our Mission Statement is ‘Preparing A People by Caring for them”

It is the reason for our existence, it underscores our approach and it drives all our activities.

The actualization of our mission statement is carried out through the focus on CARES:

C – Communities (Small Groups)

A – Adoption (Godly Families)

R – Reformation (Community Service)

E – Evangelism (Soul Winning)

S – Stewardship (Committed Disciples)

We believe that Christianity is not rigid adherence to rules and regulations. It is not about compliance under duress nor is it about fear of eternal judgment. Christianity is about a man, Jesus Christ, who gave His life that we might live. Such is His love for us. Christianity is about a relationship that transcends any that human nature can ever be capable of. Christianity is about a friend above all friends who will never leave us nor forsake us; so great is His faithfulness. Christianity is Jesus who waits patiently to be let into our hearts so that He may establish that perfect bond with us.