At Jesus House Chicago, we want you to grow in your relationship with Jesus and each other. By joining a small group, you’ll have intentional relationships with others and together you will learn biblical truth. As you live out the truth in God’s word, the love of Christ will be shown to those in your circle of influence. We also want to make a large church feel small and Small Groups help make that close community happen.


Why Small Group?

A small group is a place to connect people with Jesus and each other. God created us for relationships and those can best be formed and nurtured in a small group context. We also believe that spiritual growth happens best in small groups.

How are Small Groups formed?

Small groups are normally formed by location, stage of life or by interests. An individual or a group of people may decide to come together and start an Interest Based group, a Support Group, a Men or Women’s Group or a Coed group based on the stage of life they are in. As you can see, small groups can come out of any idea that will bring about growth, wellbeing and foster positive relationships.

How can I join a Small Group?

You can join any small group that is not filled up HERE. If you have any questions about a group you would like to join, please email

Where do Small Groups meet?

Small Groups are flexible with meeting locations and every group can decide what works best for them. With changes from the covid-19 pandemic, most groups are still meeting online via a video conferencing app.

What if a group doesn't work out for me?

Not everyone will find the best fit with the first group they try. You are welcome to try out a few groups before choosing the best one for you. We believe there is a group that is right for everyone – including you!

Is child care provided?

Some of our groups have child care available for their group. If you need child care, please talk to your small group leader.

Who can lead a group?

Anyone who has the heart to gather and care for others and who is passionate about the reason behind a group can lead. We provide oversight and training to help the group leaders to lead well and grow spiritually. Prospective/interested leaders are paired with a coach to help them navigate leading a group. Multiple training opportunities are offered throughout the year and it is a great way to meet and learn from other leaders.

Being a small group leader isn’t about being perfect; it’s about serving others by giving them a place to connect. It’s simple! Choose a topic that interests you and select a time and location to meet with others who share the same interest. We will cheer you on by providing coaching, tools for you and optional training throughout the year! Sign up to become a Small Group Leader HERE.

For more information, please complete our Small Groups inquiry form.