Our Mission

At Jesus House Chicago, Our Mission Statement is…

It is the reason for our existence, it underscores our approach and it drives all our activities.

The actualization of our mission statement is carried out through the focus on CARES:

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(Godly Families)



(Community Service)



(Soul Winning)



(Committed Disciples)

Our Belief

We believe that Christianity is not rigid adherence to rules and regulations. It is not about compliance under duress nor is it about fear of eternal judgment. Christianity is about a man, Jesus Christ, who gave His life that we might live. Such is His love for us. Christianity is about a relationship that transcends any that human nature can ever be capable of. Christianity is about a friend above all friends who will never leave us nor forsake us; so great is His faithfulness. Christianity is Jesus who waits patiently to be let into our hearts so that He may establish that perfect bond with us.

Bible Study at Jesus House Chicago

Our Story

Preparing A People to become all that God has called them to be and walking alongside them through the ups and downs of life. That’s what Jesus House Chicago has been about from day one.


Jesus House, Chicago (JHC) is one of the over 50,000 Parishes of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) under the leadership of Pastor E. A. Adeboye, who is the General overseer. RCCG was established in Lagos, Nigeria in 1952 and has rapidly grown to the glory of God with thousands of parishes and over 10 million worshipers worldwide.

July 1996

JHC started out as a house fellowship in July 1996 at an apartment on the Southside of Chicago. The first meeting was attended by seven people and this was our humble beginning.

November 1996

The fellowship rapidly grew to about 30 people within a couple of months. The inauguration of the Church took place at the Bismarck Hotel, Downtown Chicago on November 17th 1996 which became the temporary worship place until we moved to Garfield High School on the south side for a few weeks.

January 1997

In January 1997, the Church had to move again and 1743 N Clybourn Avenue became our new worship place. Here the Lord increased us above and beyond all our expectations as we grew in leaps and bounds. We were at Clybourn until April 1999 when it became too small to accommodate us.

April 1999

Then came Rehoboth House. In April 1999 by the special grace of God, we were able to buy a place of our own. As a ministry, we believe in growth and fruit bearing and to this date, to the glory of God, Jesus House has established several other churches. Just like the sons of the prophets, this place has become too small for us, hence the Journey to “Goshen” has begun. On Sunday February 15th 2015, Pastor Bayo Adewole laid the vision for Project Goshen. God has been with us thus far. Now onto the next phase.

February 2015

On Sunday, February 15th, 2015, Pastor Bayo Adewole laid the vision for Project Goshen. The Goshen building has since been acquired and God continues to be with us. Now onto the next phase.

Meet Our Lead Pastor

Pastor Bayo Adewole is the Senior Pastor of Jesus House Chicago, a vibrant and dynamic parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Chicago where his teaching is exemplified by his own lifestyle of humility and obedience. He is very passionate about raising godly families and helping people to realize their potentials as they walk in the fullness of God’s purpose.

His working career began as a Journalist and then he went on to become a Banker. After this, he became the CEO of an Investment and Trading Company.

Pastor Bayo with his late wife Pastor Funmi Adewole went into full time ministry by serving as the founding Pastors of Friendship House, Tel Aviv, Israel before transitioning to Chicago, Illinois, USA.

To date, Pastor Bayo has been in ministry for about 30 years and served on assignments on three Continents. He has contributed immensely to the gospel in the city of Chicago and beyond. His leadership style empowers those around him, which in turn brings about loyalty. His interest in leadership is evident in his book Step Up. Step Up focuses on the development of leadership skills.

Pastor Bayo is an Assistant Continental Overseer in RCCG The Americas. He oversees over 60 churches across five states (Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska and Kentucky) while continuing to diligently fulfill his role as Parish Pastor of Jesus House Chicago.

Happily married to Pastor Yemi and blessed with 3 children, Pastor Bayo continues to work hard to develop the next generation of emerging leaders by coaching, mentoring, and setting an example with his servant leader mindset.

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