Text-2-Give Instructions & Dedicated hotline number: 708-328-3070

Step1: Please text GIVE to 708-328-3070 and follow the step-by-step instructions on how to do a one-time secure registration and start giving immediately. The whole registration process by text should take less than 1 minute! Please note that the text messages are NOT case sensitive! So you can text give or Give or even GiVe!

Step 2: Please save the 708-328-3070 on your cell phone as Jesus House Chicago Hotline so that you won’t forget it!

Step 3: After your initial registration (step 1 above) has been completed, please text back the amount you wish to give. For example: $100 or 100 You can also give by texting 100t or 50o or 70g. The “t” stands for Tithe, the “o” stands for Offering and the “g” stands for Goshen. Others are “s” for Seed, “x” for Thanksgiving and “a” for Pastor Appreciation.

Combined Contributions:

You can give your Tithe and Offering at the same time! For example: 100t + 50o The combined contribution above means you are giving $100 Tithe and $50 Offering! You can combine up to four (4) different contribution types. For example: 100t + 50o + 25g + 20x. This means $100 Tithe, $50 Offering, $25 Goshen and $20 Thanksgiving contributions.

NOTE: Please remember to separate your contributions with a plus (+) sign or else your contributions will not go through!

Security and Data Integrity Disclosure:

Your transaction is 100% secured! Your connection is encrypted using a modern cipher TLS 1.2 suite. Data transmission is protected via the SSL protocol. Your login information is encrypted and authenticated using AES 128 GCM and DHE RSA as the key exchange mechanism. Contributions are processed through a Level 1 certified payment gateway which is subject to the highest security requirements mandated by the PCI Data Security Standards. Our network is protected by enterprise-grade firewall and intrusion detection systems. Security scans and annual audits are provided by a third party.

Additional Information

  • Text STATEMENT to 708-328-3070 to get your most recent contributions statement by text! This is a PDF document. You can download and print it for your record keeping.
  • Text LOGIN to 708-328-3070 to get your login information to Jesus House Chicago Secure Contributions Management Portal.
  • Text DEFAULT to 708-328-3070 to know or change your default card on file for contributions.
  • Text HELP to 708-328-3070 if you have any questions or need more information.

Online Giving

Click the link below to give to Jesus House Chicago.



Give via Zelle: Zelle@jesushouse.org
Please indicate the title of your contribution in the description