We are a fellowship group of Connection Pointe Christian singles in our 30s to 60s who desire to connect, create friendships, encourage, and support one another as we love each other in biblical community. We do this by connecting people to each other and Jesus in meaningful relationships, social gatherings, service projects, small groups, keeping Christ at the center, and guiding conversation using speech to honor each other and Christ.

For more information, contact salt@jesushouse.org

We are a group of young adults and singles who thirst after God and are willing to learn what He has called us to do, so we can fulfill destiny. The JHC Young Adults and Singles Ministry consists of fun-loving and dedicated singles who go out of their way to express the love of God to each other.

Our mission is aligned with the overall church mission – Preparing a People to become disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ministry Objectives: To foster healthy relationships and individual wholeness among singles, by providing a platform where these individuals can fellowship, serve, and grow in victorious Christian living as well as in their social and personal lives. Implement activities that address singles’ spiritual, relationship, and social needs. Promote singles’ involvement in JHC activities and ministration apart from JHC SINGLES MINISTRY programs.

What age group does your ministry cater to? 18 – 40

Email address: salt@jesushouse.org