Easter Weekend at Goshen

Experience Love And Hope Like Never Before This Easter.

Whether you are new to our church or a returning guest, you will experience welcoming people, dynamic worship, creative illustration of God’s love and a message of hope from the word of God. We look forward to seeing you soon and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus this Easter with you!

Plam Sunday

Join us in person or online on April 2nd at 10:00am to celebrate and honor Jesus Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Come be a part of the celebrations and experience God’s presence with us on this Palm Sunday. We look forward to celebrating with you and your family!

Good Friday

Join us on Friday, April 7 at 7 pm for our Good Friday Worship Experience!

We invite you to join us for an unforgettable night of worship as we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. Get ready to experience God’s fresh outpouring of love as we recount and reflect on Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross for our sins through worship, reading of His word, prayers, and communion.


Easter Sunday

What Does ‘RESURECTION’ Mean To You? Here Are Some Answers We Received…

Restored From Death, Ascended Into Glory, To Raise Up, Up Above, Awaken, Pick Yourself Up, Easter/ Resurrection, Be Aware, Get Up, Come Alive, From One Level To Another, To Live Again, Resurrection Of Jesus, Come Alive, From Low To High, Resurrection, Resurrect- Arise, Rise Up, To Live Again, Alive Again, Jesus Risen, To Be Awakened, Freedom From Sin, Awake, Active, Come To Live, Jesus, Resurrection, Arise Or Stand Up, Rises From The Dead, Jesus Rose For Me, The Lord Is Risen, To Be Lifted, To Arrive Or Stand, To Overcome, Getting Up, Alive, Jesus, A New Path, Coming Back To Life, Revive, Back To Life, To Get Back Up, Resurrection, To Be Awaken Up, Alive, Woken Up, To Wake Up, Resurrect, A New Beginning, Get Up, Life, Become Alive, To Awake, Come Back To Life, Awakening, To Come Alive, Made Alive, To Grow And Change, To Be Alive.


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